Start of the project 2REVIVE

The project “Revival entrepreneurship through second chance” (acronym: 2REVIVE) started with a transnational partners’ meeting held on the 8th and 9th of February 2018. It is funded under Erasmus + Programme, KA2 Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices of the European Commission. The Project Consortium consists of 7 partners and 5 associated partners from Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Netherlands, Croatia and Malta and is coordinated by Avsi Polska, Poland.

The project is going to support the development of second-chance entrepreneurship attitude and the development of self-confidence, self-awareness and self-efficacy in second-time entrepreneurs with coaching and mentoring relationships and thus restart their business successfully. Key elements of the project lie in encouraging individuals to learn from their past experience to increase the likelihood of future business success, providing second-chance entrepreneurs a quality mentorship and a guidance for personal and professional development of both mentors and mentees.

The next upcoming activities shall define the main stakeholders, preparation and execution of national dissemination plans, desk research and target group survey and analysis. At the of the project duration (30.12.2019) the attitude and self-confidence, -awareness and -efficacy of second-time entrepreneurs will be developed and the societal prejudices and failure acceptance shall be improved. The project will also provide an online self-assessment tool, Guide4Mentors and Guide to second chance entrepreneurs’ success and will improve failure acceptance and dealing with societal prejudices. The project partners and the stakeholders will exchange know-how and transfer knowledge, will bring new insights to the topic of second-chance entrepreneurship –the topic will be thoroughly researched and partners will gain insights and will adopt the materials from their specific perspective. The implementation of the project in cooperation with organisations of different types and from different countries will further improve partners’ability to work as part of an international team.

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