The 2REVIVE Project supports and celebrates the development of second-chance entrepreneurship. It’s time to break the stigma and fear attached to business failure currently consuming Europe.


If we understand how to utilise the benefits, a balanced approach to nurturing entrepreneurs who have previously failed, can result in increased productivity for a prosperous society: help create business, new business creates jobs, strengthen market competition and drive productivity.

Knowledge is Power

We actually minimise the risks involved in developing new business when we invest in entrepreneurs who have previously failed.

Whether the individual is aware of it or not, they hold incredible power. After failure, we have the ability to effectively identify, analyse and make the changes necessary to grow from our mistakes. 2REVIVE is the ‘how-to manual’ for leaders seeking to embrace this power of failure as a learning tool to equip themselves and their business with another chance to achieve even bigger and greater ventures!

Did you Know? – Positive Failures

There is no doubt that some of most successful individuals and businesses in world have had their moments of failure, uncertainty, and catastrophe – and yet they have lived to tell the tale.

Let’s do This

Being involved in 2REVIVE means being part of extensive program with carefully prepared tools and established mentors to ensure that 2nd time round entrepreneurs, are fully armed the succeed. It create European business culture that encourages qualities such as resilience and perseverance in entrepreneurship. They may have failed once, but are not defeated!

We are ready to make our impact. If you are too, check out the website for all the specifics.


Ex-entrepreneurs will develop skills and motivation for entrepreneurial activity by utilising the practical 2REVIVE guide. The guide will include detailed information on regulations and laws, educational resources for “second chance”, as well as instructions and checklists which will allow them to rebuild.


Individuals will learn the value of their past business experiences/failure to use to their advantage. The tools developed by the 2REVIVE project team will allow individuals to identify a sophisticated understanding of their previous mistakes, as well as highlight their entrepreneurial potential and drive the right attitude.


Participants will have free range to ‘pick the brains’ of our dynamic, and carefully selected team of successful entrepreneurs, owner’s of SME’s, VET teachers, trainers and mentors. This knowledge will be an invaluable and significant stepping stone to their success.


2REVIVE will seek to enhance participants' networking skills. Although many of us can find it daunting, networking is the fuel that accelerates success. Not only is it useful for learning directly from individuals you meet, but also for self growth and confidence.