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Fundamentals of digital marketing

Free Content Marketing Certification Course

Social Media Marketing

The Business of Social

Introduction to Marketing


Suggested free training:  – This is a free online training course for risk management, if you are registered in the website. The course covers the key topics of the risk management. You will learn about the various forms of risk that risk professionals use to protect their business against and the fundamental tools that they use to do so. You may have some difficulties to open the training with google chrome, and you can use the Microsoft edge and Mozilla Firefox. –

This is paper, which presents four educational Risk Management case studies. You can see in the studies are shown how some central Risk Management methods may be used in practice and give insight in the general principles of Risk Management. The whole process from risk identification to evaluation of implemented solutions is described. –

This is a paper studies the risk management processes in micro, small and medium sized companies concerning project risk management. You can see a model of project risk management as a effective solutions for small businesses. The paper reviews risks, process of risk management, the role of risk management in corporations, project risks and the management processes.


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  1. Employee motivation training course
  2. Training program leadership and motivation
  3. Motivation courses
  4. Entrepreneur motivation training
  5. Motivated entrepreneurs
  6. Motivational theories
  7. Entrepreneurial motivation  –
  8. Entrepreneurial motivations and entrepreneurial mindsets

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Online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR):

Managing stress in the workplace – Interactive online workshop:

Coping with Stress Course:

Stress Management – Techniques for Coping with Stress:



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  1. “Introduction to Change Management” course (
  2. “Change management” course (
  3. “Adapting to change” course (
  4. “Managing disruptive change” course (
  5. Case study on adapting to change (